I’m Angela Allan

I’m Angela Allan

Professional writer and editor,
Branded content writer and digital copywriter,
Founder and editor of Soot Magazine,
Former music writer for Rolling Stone Australia, Australian Penthouse and formerly FMH,
Former commercial writer for The Weekly Review,
Vinyl record junkie.

To contact me, drop me a line via email:

Or if you’re a fan of 140 characters of fewer, tweet me @MissSoot

And let’s connect via LinkedIn.

If you’re sticking around, here’s my story…

In everything a brand does with its content and copy, the goal is to tell a story. No one likes to be marketed to, but everyone likes to hear a well-crafted, informative and interesting story. Think of your favourite book. Your favourite character. The same things can be applied to brands with their content. That’s where I come in.

As a journalist, copywriter, social media manager, and content strategist, I started life as a journalist for the local newspaper, as well as a freelance music writer for Rolling Stone, FHM and Australian Penthouse. Then I launched my own online magazine Soot Magazine in 2012. My favourite moment was interviewing director Tim Burton in Melbourne during the ACMI exhibition in 2010 for Rolling Stone. (I told him my favourite line from Edward Scissorhands was “I thought this was shish-kebab.”)

I went on to become managing editor of Australia’s first brand-led newsroom, working on owned platforms for Australia’s largest telecommunications and energy providers. As a freelancer, I’ve also created content and strategies for large international clients, including Ford, American Express, Sydney Opera House, and the Australian Independent Record Labels Association.

My latest role is as the senior copywriter for Crown Resorts, creating content to build brand awareness for Crown-owned brands in Melbourne, Perth and London working across all departments within the business. My major achievements include overhauling content of Crown’s loyalty program; development of Crown’s brand overview guide and marketing team core values; and developing and pitching a BBQ 101 and Brews & BBQ video series based on customer feedback for San Antone by Bludso’s BBQ, increasing brand awareness and footfall by more than 16%.

Aside from all things content, I love hanging out with my three dogs and pet birds, listening to blues music and drinking enough coffee to rival the Gilmore girls. I also believe Stevie Nicks is my spirit sister.

If you need your brand to tell a story, let’s talk. I’ll bring my notebook filled with scribbles and ideas.



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