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I have worked with the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) for three consecutive years in the lead up to the Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards.

As a freelance online content producer and community manager for AIR, I have been responsible for:
– Developing online content.
– Copywriting.
– Interviews with key industry figures, performers and nominees for the awards.
– Developing and approaching Key Influencers/ engagement updates on social media for AIR.
– Analysing social reach and preparing reports.
– Monitoring and updating social media channels.

The content for 2012 is viewable online:

AIR Independent Music Awards Review 2012

Who listens to the radio?

Go live, go local

Breakthrough Artist Nominees Spotlight

Best Rock Album Nominees Spotlight


The content for 2013 is online:

Breakthrough Artist Nominees Spotlight

Spit Syndicate Playlist

AIR Independent Music Awards Review 2013

The Mark Of Cain Playlist

Saskwatch Performers’ Spotlight


In 2013, I introduced playlist features completed by nominees under my guidance, which resulted in the best performance on social through shares and retweets, proving that organic promotion can be achieved.

Results for the 2013 Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards for AIR:
– Increased Facebook reach almost 500%, with post reach increasing by almost 140% from the previous week’s figures (week of 2/10/13-8/10/13) for AIR’s page.
– Significant increase in website traffic, with one tweet resulting in 100 link clicks.
– Strengthened brand alignment with sponsor Carlton Dry.
– An increase of approx 300 more Likes on Facebook in one month (organically).
– An increase of approx 2,500 Twitter followers in one month (organically).

In 2014, new sponsors Levi’s and Rdio were on board, resulting in sponsored content for the first time in the history of the awards:

Live in Levi’s: Awards Dressing 101

A popular post included a Dos and Don’ts list curated by Calling All Cars:

Fund Your Way: Calling All Cars



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