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I have written many business documents for businesses, including website content, press releases and sales/contract proposals. Here’s an example of these:


Company Overview
Xtreem Technology has a long history as a CD & DVD duplication specialist, and as a blank media and electronics importer & retailer.By having the competitive edge as one of the first businesses in Australia to offer complete CD & DVD solutions, Xtreem became a driving force in the industry, steadily growing to become one of Australia’s top 5 CD/DVD duplicators and replicators. From this base of operations and unparalleled foresight of the Australian marketplace, Xtreem’s directors continued to build on the stronghold they have in the field, and invested in large format digital and short run digital print. Over the past three years, with more than 13 large format machines, 5 different print finishing machines and shares in an offset printing press, Xtreem can offer a total marketing package for businesses.

Xtreem’s Speciality
Xtreem offers a full and comprehensive service for all custom printing needs, including catering printing requirements for large corporations in haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion labels to renowned women’s and men’s fashion brands, to well-known sports labels and clothing retailers.
We are a design and print company boasting a host of digital and offset print solutions to serve all of your communications and marketing requirements.  Our speciality is creating a cost-effective, one-supplier solution with personalised service and attention to detail. A quick turnover and professional advice also ensures repeat business.

Xtreem Point of Difference
With a wealth of product and marketing knowledge, Xtreem offers their clients many advantages that you only get when dealing directly with our company and our passion for delivering the best solutions for our clients.
Marketing, visual merchandising, and operation managers understand that each printer has limitations depending on their specialities:
For example:

  • Screen/UV printers print large-format prints, high volume runs, etc.
  • Offset printers do high volume fliers, booklets and medium posters, etc.
  • Digital caters for small runs, fliers, booklets, etc.

As your business needs vary, and there will be times when you require print runs outside of what a usual printing company can offer, meaning that you will have to pay top dollar to have your job done. During our research, we have found that other large companies have elected to use a broker or agency.
That’s where Xtreem offers a point of difference – we call it the Xtreem advantage – which allows our clients to source an extensive range of printable product from the one manufacturer.
Our readily available equipment and long-standing contacts throughout Australia and overseas have ensured that Xtreem offers more than one key area of printing to our clients.
With in-house machines that are able produce both high-volume and low-volume large format prints and POS items, including boxes and board prints, and small run fliers, booklets and pamphlets,  Xtreem rarely – if at all – sources outside of its own production.
With this versatility and quality systems management, Xtreem has excelled in its field and gained the experience and knowledge to liaise and produce prints directly for companies, including Rip Curl, Adidas, Pioneer, Alannah Hill, Dodo internet, Sports Co, Ishka, Man to Man and many more.

Xtreem client cost solution
Understanding and addressing the needs of the Australian market and the world’s current economic climate, Xtreem – as a genuine one-stop print manufacturer – has taken on the challenge to produce affordable print solutions for a range of clients.
By establishing long-term working relationships with our suppliers –  enabling us to source paper and consumables directly from local and overseas suppliers – and by reducing the excessively high margins that are imposed by other Australian print suppliers, brokers and agencies, Xtreem is a cut above the rest when it comes to pricing.
While still offering the best service and price available, Xtreem’s priority is on high quality at all times without compromising the client’s needs and brand identity.


To give your business the competitive edge, Xtreem’s complete package includes –

  • A comprehensive service for ALL printing needs.
  • In-house graphics design team.
  • Procedures & structures to effectively manage national and international campaigns.
  • An industry knowledge and insight into the market to ensure success.
  • Economical benefits to your business.

It’s our business philosophy that makes Xtreem a leader – not only in print solutions – but in print manufacturing.



An Introduction to Nature At Work

Nature At Work specialises in aquarium leasing, aquarium supplies and maintenance on existing aquariums. For more than eight years, the Melbourne business has established itself as a leader in this niche industry, offering clients personalised service, from initial set-up to ongoing and regular maintenance. Nature At Work can tailor a variety of set-ups to suit your needs, including marine, tropical or even gold fish tanks, whether it’s for residential or commercial aquariums. For businesses, aquarium leasing and maintenance are tax deductible. And so you don’t feel like a fish out of water, Nature At Work offers a 24-hour mobile service to locations throughout Melbourne.

Nature At Work & BUPA
In addition to maintaining the aquarium at BUPA South Morang aged care facility, we are proposing a streamlined and cost-effective model for Nature At Work to service all existing fish tanks in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, to replace the separate contractors you have for each tactility. Our research on the BUPA aged care facilities in the Melbourne/Geelong areas is listed below. It includes how many facilities have aquariums, which are being maintained and which facilities would be interested in having an aquarium.
South Morang has a large aquarium serviced by us at Nature At Work.
Sunshine aged care facility has a tank, which no contractors maintain.
Coburg aged care facility
has a tank maintained by Coburg Aquarium, which is an expensive venture.
Donvale aged care facility
has a tank, which is leased. Leasing is a good short-term investment, but becomes expensive when it becomes long-term, especially in places such as aged-care facilities.
Bon Beach aged care facility
has a tank, which is leased.
Belmont Geelong aged care facility
leases a tank.
Newcomb Geelong aged care facility
leases a tank.
Greensborough aged care
has a tank, but is unsure who maintains it.
Caulfield aged care doesn’t have a tank, but believe it’s a great idea and would like one.
Windsor aged care
doesn’t have tank.
Thomastown aged care
doesn’t have a tank. Katherine has expressed interest for a tank on many occasions.
Croydon aged care doesn’t have a tank. Bonita believes it would be a good addition.
Edithvale aged care doesn’t have a tank.
Narre Warren North aged care doesn’t have a tank. They have expressed interest in one for a number of years.

Nature At Work proposal
Based on our research, there are a number of facilities that have expressed interest in having aquariums that currently do not have one, and we have noticed that BUPA leases many of their tanks. Aquarium leasing is a great idea for short-time arrangements, but in the long term, it becomes very expensive. It would be more cost-effective for BUPA to own all the aquariums in the facilities.
Once each of the 14 BUPA aged care facilities listed above had a fish tank installed, we would maintain the aquariums at every facility for an affordable rate of $1,400 per month. This equates to $100 per facility per month for maintenance. Included in the contract would be tanks and the equipment required at wholesale prices, which would save costs on the initial set-ups for facilities that currently do not have aquariums.

Nature At Work believes in the health benefits of aquariums. In medical studies dating as far back as the 1980s, it has been discovered that the presence of fish tanks has helped in reducing stress and anxiety levels, and lowering blood pressure. Aquariums also aid in recovery from trauma.In medical studies, aquariums in aged care facilities have been shown to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s by increasing their appetite and reducing aggressive behaviour. Nature At Work strives to improve the well-being of others.

Currently, Nature At Work is designing and building a mobile fish tank that would benefit bed-bound patients. At the moment, we only have one mobile tank. However, if BUPA decides to enter into contract with us for all facilities, we will provide one mobile aquarium free of charge for one year to any facility of your choice. This will  be maintained by Nature At Work free of charge. Upon the decision to proceed with this contract, Nature At Work will need to make appointments with the relevant staff members at each facility to evaluate the space and determine the best place to install an aquarium. Once this is complete, we will email through a quote and information on each installation, setup and aquatic life, and we can discuss any options further before we proceed. Should BUPA decide that leasing is a better option, we can also provide a leasing agreement for the facilities that don’t have an aquarium.

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