Soot Magazine

As I like to call it, Soot is “the little magazine that could”.

As editor and founder of Soot Magazine, I have indulged my passion for music, arts, entertainment and fashion to create this online publication.

In 2012, I found myself recently booted from the pages of FHM Australia – where I was a music and entertainment writer – due to its closure, and trying to make ends meet with writing for Rolling Stone Australia, I decided to launch my own magazine. With only a few years’ experience in the newspaper game and about three years writing for esteemed music publications, it was time for a new challenge.

So, what will it be about? It had to cover more than just music. I wanted it to be an online phenomenon in music, entertainment, fashion & life. I wanted it to be edgy, conscious and manic. I wanted it to break the rules, and shy away from convention and boredom.

So the idea for the magazine was born. But what to call it?  I recalled an interview the founder of Spanx had with Oprah after the hosiery really took off: “Most brand names have one or two syllables, like Kodak.” And I wanted the “s” sound – like “sizzling” and “sexy” had. It also needed to be personal. As I sat in my home office and pondered, my dog walked in. “Hey, Soot,” I said. That was it. The name literally walked in the door.

With the help of a bunch of talented souls (who worked on the premise that they’d be paid in food), Soot grew into a music, pop culture, fashion, art, literature, love and life junkie

Take a peek at my articles on Soot Magazine.

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