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Let your words do the talking

Your words need to be like moments renewing themselves on the page.

Your words need to stand out from the crowd.

That’s where I come in.

A professional copywriter and editor and online content producer, I have worked with various businesses for social media and online content production, sales pitches, business documents, scripts, instructional manuals, press releases, biographies and real estate copywriting.

No matter how small or large your business is, or which style of writing you require. I love to tell a brand story. Your story.

Clients include businesses in the following fields: creative agencies (CHE Proximity), aquariums/ marine life, IT, digital and off-set printing, handcrafted jewellery, real estate agencies, Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR), fashion brands, automotive and accessories, and music record labels, including Mushroom Group and Dark Horse Records.

As a community manager and online content producer, my role is to help brands listen, understand and interact and engage in social media and online content production, help identify potential sponsors and align with brands to strengthen their own brand.

Brands need to understand the impact social media has on their business and analyse these to implement changes that help grow and strengthen your business or brand – that’s where I come in as a social media and content producer. I can help develop overall social media and online content strategies, provide necessary training and advice, and approach potential affiliates to create powerful partnerships.

Conversation is the number one thing that drives social media and online content. If your content is failing and not engaging organic responses, your social media and website channels are not doing their job. For potential brand affiliates and sponsorship and growing your business in general, there needs to be quality, engaging content for your audience to respond to. Your business needs to understand what people are saying and feeling about your brand or business. The number one thing about social media is people want to belong and people are passionate about what they want to be part of – your business should cater to that.

Content strategy
Businesses and brands should have fun yet meaningful interaction with their audience. As it’s been proven, the most powerful marketing tool is marketing without letting your audience know it’s marketing: that means creating engaging content to incite positive word of mouth and creating a brand or business experience that people want to be part of. As a social media and online content producer, I can offer this service to grown, strengthen or establish your brand.

As an online content producer and social media producer for Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR), I created content for their website, including artist and industry individual Q&As, music industry stories and engagement and interaction on their social media channels to promote the Jagermeister Independent Music Awards and strengthen their relationship with their audience and sponsors.

To view my work, head over to my AIR Folio and Creative Agency Folio.

And here is the web content I wrote for Reimage, an assets management business: www.reimage.com.au

My services include:

Website content writing, content strategy, general copywriting and editing, ghostwriting, content development, social media consultation, community management, project management, image sourcing, plus more.

Not sure what you need?

Drop me a line via email: angela@mads.net.au and we can discuss your business in more detail.


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